Community Resources

Introduction to Internet Safety: 101

It is our hope that we can use some of the things we have learned to educate our communities on safe internet practices. Please check out some of the information below to help protect your family.

An App A Day– Learn about the apps your kids are using. New app posted daily!!

Community Outreach Resources For Victims of Sexual Abuse

Where to search for predators

National Sex Offender Registry The FBI list of sex offender registry websites by state and tribe

Similar groups and organizations

Arizona Predator Prevention, C.O.P.

C.O.P. Catching Online Predators

Dark Justice

Guardians of the North

Gotha Pred!

Resources for pedophiles trying to seek help

A great article on why we need to make help more accessible to pedophiles. Pedo.Help is a great place to reach out and find some good information. Peer support is available in this anonymous online discussion board at And when you are ready to find a counselor, Good Therapy is a great place to start.

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