Steven Alan Ashley, 28, Janesville, WI

Meet Steven Alan Ashley, age 28, from Janesville, WI. They thought they were meeting a 15 year old for sex. They met Hunter Jay instead! 



Please visit our YouTube Channel to see the entire LIVE STREAM BUST!! You can join our Facebook Group for latest news and our live stream watch parties. 

Here is the evidence we are able to release…

If you know this person, please be courteous of their family’s privacy. And encourage them to seek professional mental help. DO NOT attempt to confront or harm the individual. This information is for awareness purposes only. We do not condone violence or harassment. Thank you!

One thought on “Steven Alan Ashley, 28, Janesville, WI

  1. This guy is an ass. He dated me for 3 months and then got a job out of state made it seem like we’d be together forever and then after being gone no more that a month blocked me everywhere and wont give me answers. I didn’t know he was a pedo before he left me cause I never googled him till after he blocked me. I hope he never finds happiness, and that the girl he left me for breaks his heart like he did mine


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