We are a non-profit organization protecting children from online predators.

16+ Catches, 9 Arrests, and 11 Convictions

And much more to come…

About who we are and what we do…

What we do

Our method of raising awareness about the epidemic of child abuse involves a multi-facet operation: predator exposure and registry, the hosting of awareness events, and community outreach and education.

Our mission

Once an adult contacts one of our decoys on a dating site, the decoy immediately claims to be underage. Normal people discontinue the conversation at this point. The ones that attempt to groom the decoy and ask to meet are exposed by our Hunter Department. We escalate the case to law enforcement, and supply police with the incriminating evidence we have gathered. Attempts are also made to refer these predators to getting psychological help. From there, our marketing team updates our online registry and alerts the community. Our decoy, research, hunting, and marketing departments are groups of skilled volunteers. We do this as a public service to our communities. NO ONE under the age of 18 is EVER involved with WWPH stings. If you are interested in helping us, please visit our Support page.

How we hunt

To protect children by identifying and exposing online child predators. To raise awareness about this epidemic within the community. To provide community education about safe internet practices.To bridge the gap between hunters and local law enforcement agencies. To assist in the capture and conviction of child sex offenders. To help sexual predators find psychological help, and be safe members of society.Above all, to Keep Kids Safe. We Won’t Stop!


“The reason why I do it is to bring awareness to parents and to keep kids safe”